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Doctoral Candidates Shine in Photo Contest


Two RCC doctoral candidates have excelled in the Edge Effects photo contest "Working at the Edge." Applicants were asked to submit photographs that highlighted human-environment interactions and represented crossing boundaries, confronting lines of inquiry, or breaking barriers.

Jonas Stuck, a member of the DFG Emmy-Noether Research Group "Hazardous Travels," took first place with a stunning image captured on the Isle of Skye, while Katrin Kleeman received an honorable mention for her photograph of a river in the Icelandic highlands.


("The Lookout," Isle of Skye, Scotland, 2017. A former coastguard watch station sits atop the cliffs. Once manned around the clock, radio communication meant that the building was no longer required. It is now used for whale watching and functions as a simple shelter for hikers. Photograph: Jonas Stuck.)



(Crossing a river in the Icelandic highlands between Landmannalaugar and Hrafntinnusker is made all the more treacherous by this melting glacier, Iceland, 2016. Photograph: Katrin Kleemann.)