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Doctoral Candidate Fabian Zimmer Wins Georg Agricola Prize


Congratulations to doctoral candidate Fabian Zimmer, who has won the Georg Agricola Society's Young Investigators Award for 2017, for his Master’s thesis "Fortschritt & Verlust. Narrative der Wasserkraft in Schweden 1900–1920" (Progress & Loss. Narratives of Hydroelectricity in Sweden, 1900–1920).

The Georg Agricola Society for the History of Science and Technology awards two versions of the prize each year to the top bachelor's/master's thesis and for the best dissertation/habilitation. Fabian’s work was noted for its interdisciplinary approach; bridging various historiographical disciplines from architectural, to environmental, to cultural history and the history of technology.

Christian Zumbrägel, a former researcher in residence at the Deutsches Museum whose work also focuses on hydropower issues, won the prize for his dissertation.