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Art Exhibition by RCC Affiliate Patrick Reed

“Distant Hammers” on Display in Berlin Gallery


The drawings in “Distant Hammers” by former visiting scholar Patrick Reed investigate the connections between depictions of disaster in sixteenth-century European print culture and the aesthetics of our own contemporary ecological crisis. The union of designs, sketches, patterns, erasures, and text creates a new meditative vocabulary on the experience of extreme weather and our collective dreams of apocalypse. Supported by extensive historical and ecocritical research at institutes in North America and Germany, “Distant Hammers” dares us to imagine ourselves as part of a world that has already ended.

The artwork is shown at Raum für Kunst im Kontext in Berlin, where it can be viewed until 18 February. Reed’s exhibition also inspired an essay in the Paris Review that discusses his work as well as its context in the history of apocalyptic imagery in art.