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2nd New Book of 2017 by Alumna Sophia Kalantzakos

China and the Geopolitics of Rare Earths


China and the Geopolitics of Rare Earths by Sophia Kalantzakos (Oxford University Press: 2017, forthcoming) provides a startlingly up-to-date perspective on the globally important rare earths industry.

Rare earths are essential elements used in a huge diversity of technologies and products. Difficult and expensive to mine, rare earths have become the focus of international trade disputes following a monopoly by China’s after their "unofficial" curtailing of exports in 2010. In her latest book, Kalantzakos reveals a bigger picture, detailing how the rare earths industry is not just an issue of economics, but is also intimately related to contemporary and future policymaking, power relations, international resource competition, and geopolitics.