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Alumni Cooperations and Meetings in 2017


Amy Hay invited Sherry Johnson to speak at her university's (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) fiftieth anniversary commemoration of a major storm that hit the Rio Grande Valley in 1967, ''Behemoth of a Storm: Hurricane Beulah and the Rio Grande Valley.'' Johnson's presentation, “Behemoths Over Time: Hurricanes, Climate Change and Their Contribution to History Over Time,” put hurricane disasters in a historical context. She also participated on a roundtable with Drs. Walter Diaz (Political Science & Dean, College of Liberal Arts); Diana Noreen Rivera (Literature & Cultural Studies); Juan Gonzalez (Geology); and Mr. Gilberto Perez, conjunto legend.

johnson_shay and johnson

Sherry Johnson (left) and Amy Hay attending ''Behemoth of a Storm: Hurricane Beulah and the Rio Grande Valley''


Valeria Berros and Hal Crimmel are working together in a documentary on ''Rights of Nature.''  In May 2017, they went to Ecuador (to Quito and to Galápagos)  together with filmmaker Isaac Goeckeritz. They did many interviews with judges, activists, NGOs, scientists, all indigenous people, all of whom had a role in the constitutional reform in 2008 or who later worked on Rights of Nature in different ways. Picture below are of us in the Charles Darwin Station in Puerto Ayora ()


Hal Crimmel, Valeria Berros, and Isaac Goeckeritz at the Charles Darwin Station in Puerto Ayora, Galápagos Island


Gregg Mitman and Azeez Olaniyan met at the Sixtieth Meeting of the African Studies Association in Chicago in November 2017. Azeez Olaniyan was selected as one of this year's Carnegie Corporation Scholar at the meeting.

Gregg Mitman and Azeez Olaniyan

Gregg Mitman and Azeez Olaniyan at the 2017 African Studies Association Meeting