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RCC Scholars Contribute to UN Experts' Summary Report

Worldwide Earth Jurisprudence, Sustainability, and Interactions with Nature


RCC doctoral program candidate Anna Leah Tabios Hillebrecht and former Carson fellow María Valeria Berros were recently listed as contributing experts to the United Nations Experts' Summary Report on Earth Jurisprudence: “Sustainable Development: Harmony with Nature.

The report reflects the growing awareness that the UN's Sustainable Development Goals require us to reconsider our interactions with nature, and that the recognition of rights of nature happening in some countries can play an important role in “reshap[ing] human governance systems to operate from an Earth-centred rather than human-centred perspective.” The expert reports provided an overview of the current debate in various disciplines around the world.

Both scholars are involved in a collaborative project between the RCC and the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe: “Rights of Nature in Transatlantic Perspective,” which aims to promote dialogue on the incorporation of environmentally ethical standpoints into existing legal frameworks.