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500 People Attend Lecture by Bruno Latour


The Rlatour_lc2CC was delighted to host esteemed French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour at a special Lunchtime Colloquium lecture on 8 December. The talk was a great success, with an audience of 500 in attendance at Theater Leo17. This event was sponsored as part of the 10th Munich Hochschultage, a series of events dedicated to sustainability and social justice that is organized by Munich universities and local non-profit institutions.


Latour has challenged our understanding of modernity and of science in books such as We Have Never Been Modern. In his Lunchtime Colloquium talk, he took on our concept of the globe and globalization, arguing that in our new climatic regime we need tostart thinking about the Earth as a living system, or Gaia. Both of our current approaches—returning to the past or pursuing a politics of globalization—are, in fact, based on illusions. We need to shift the discussion away from this dichotomy, using knowledge across disciplines to redefine our place in the world. Only then can we begin to reorient ourselves on Earth in the Anthropocene.