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Exhibition Catalog "Welcome to the Anthropocene" Receives Book Prize


The Publikationspreis of the Deutsches Museum honors outstanding research published by the museum and its partner institutions; it is awarded for both academic texts (“research prize”) and for texts written for a general audience (“education prize”). The catalogue of the RCC-Deutsches Museum special exhibition Welcome to the Anthropocene was one of two books to be awarded the education prize for 2015.


The award committee found the catalogue to be a convincing example of how to communicate research content and methods and also the significance of the research for society. Furthermore, the catalogue reinforces the Deutsches Museum’s role as a platform for public dialogue about the historical and contemporary dimensions of science and technology. The exhibition catalogue provides an impressive panorama of many different perspectives that provide a broad context for the core message of the exhibition: that in the Anthropocene humans have significantly changed the geology and ecology of the Earth.