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New Book by Alumnus John Sandlos and Colleague Arn Keeling


Former Carson Fellow John Sandlos and research collaborator Arn Keeling have published a new book, Mining and Communities in Northern Canada: History, Politics, Memory, with University of Calgary Press. Primarily composed of student work from the Abandoned Mines in Northern Canada Project, Mining and Communities assembles oral history and archival stories from across the vast breadth of northern Canada, assessing the varied impacts of mining primarily on Aboriginal communities. The book was one of Sandlos' primary projects while at the RCC in 2012-13. The book has been released as part of the Canadian History and Environment series edited by Alan MacEachern, and is available as an open access ebook.


In addition to the support of the RCC, Mining and Communities received generous support from ArcticNet, the Network in Canadian History and Environment, and the Aid to Scholarly Publication Program.