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Julia Pongratz

Julia Pongratz

ProEnviron Board Member


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Lehrstuhl für Physische Geographie und Landnutzungssysteme
Luisenstraße 37
80333 München

Room: Room No. A204
Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 6652

Research Interests

  • Causes and consequences of global climate change
  • Global carbon cycle and greenhouse gas budgets
  • Land use change and its impact on energy, water and biogeochemical cycles
  • Earth system and vegetation modeling

Doctoral Students Supervised

Current students:

  • Raphael Ganzenmüller, “Verifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Land-Use Change in Europe”
  • Suqi Guo, “Land Management for Climate Mitigation (LAMACLIMA)”
  • Hao-wei Wey, “Impact of Forest Drought Response on Land-Atmosphere Interactions”

Past students:

  • Guilherme Mendonca, “Response Characteristics of the Global Carbon Cycle in Earth System Models”
  • Johannes Winckler, “Local and Nonlocal Biogeophysical Effects of Deforestation in a Climate Model”
  • Sylvia Nyawira, “Modelling the Effects of Land Use Change on Soil Carbon on Global Scale”
  • Dorothea Mayer, “Potentials and Side-Effects of Herbaceous Biomass Plantations for Climate Change Mitigation”
  • Victoria Naipal, “Modelling Long-Term, Large-Scale Sediment Dynamics in an Earth System Model framework”