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Iris Trautmann

Dr. Iris Trautmann

Digital Humanities Research Specialist


Rachel Carson Center
Leopoldstr. 11a, 2. OG, 234
D-80802 Munich

Room: 234
Phone: +49 (0) 89/2180-72379

Iris Trautmann studied anthropology and prehistoric archeology at the George Washington University and the University of Tübingen and earned her PhD in anthropology in 2007. Her dissertation focused on the analysis of Neolithic cremations from the linear pottery culture and questions of continuity within this culture and with the following cultures. Since then, she has worked as a physical anthropologist and osteologist in her own company, A und O—Praxis für Bioarchäologie in Tübingen, and as computer administrator and technical assistant in charge of the virtual anthropology lab at the Department of Palaeoanthropology at HEP Senckenberg in Tübingen. In addition, she has worked as a freelance translator for museums and colleagues at the University of Tübingen.