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Eugenio Luciano

Eugenio Luciano, MA

Doctoral candidate


Eugenio Luciano obtained his bachelor's degree in philosophy at University of Rome La Sapienza with a thesis focusing on ontologies of the human being within the Western philosophical tradition. He completed an MA in environment and natural resources at the University of Iceland, working on the theory of the Anthropocene between natural, social, and human sciences. He is currently working on his PhD project under supervision of Prof. Dr. Helmuth Trischler and Dr. Simone Müller. His research investigates the genealogy and epistemology of the Anthropocene as an interdisciplinary scientific theory.

Dissertation project: Genealogy and Epistemology of the Anthropocene as an Interdisciplinary Scientific Theory


Book Review: Quest for the Unity of Knowledge, by David Lowenthal, In Seeing the Woods. A Blog by the Rachel Carson Center, March 7 2019.