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Daniel Dumas

Daniel Dumas, MA

Doctoral candidate

Daniel Dumas obtained his MA in geography from the University of Ottawa in 2017. His thesis, entitled "Negotiating Life Within the City: Social Geographies and Lived Experiences of Urban Metis Peoples in Ottawa," was a study in modern urban Indigeneity, influenced by social and urban geography, and Indigenous studies. As a research assistant at the Institute for Canadian and Aboriginal Studies, Daniel contributed to the Digital Archives Database Project that digitized historical Metis records from across Western Canada. Afterwards, Daniel worked as a Special Projects Intern for the Alberta Ministry of Indigenous Relations in Edmonton, Canada.

Daniel joined the Doctoral Program Environment and Society in October 2018. His dissertation explores the evolving responses of Indigenous peoples towards to tar sands extraction on their traditional territories in Alberta, Canada.

Dissertation Project: Tar Sands and Traditional Lands: Contemporary Responses to Tar Sands Extraction in Northern Alberta, Canada