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Transformations in Environment and Society

The research at the RCC centers on the theme, “transformations in environment and society.” The term “transformation” opens up both temporal and spatial connections—the transformative link between environment and society on one hand, between history and the present on the other. Our agenda at the RCC examines the interrelationship between environmental and social changes, and in particular the reasons—the social engines, political factors, cultural perceptions, and environmental conditions—behind these transformations. The concept of “transformations” gives us an adjustable lens that allows us to keep in sight a vast range of changes—from the quick adjustments in human behavior that interest sociologists to the gradual changes over millennia that are central for geologists and climatologists, and of course the short- and long-term shifts that fascinate historians and philosophers.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance research and discussion concerning the interrelationship between humans and nature.

Current Fellows

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Fellowship Program

The center awards fellowships to post-doctoral scholars from a variety of countries and disciplines.


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