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RCC Newsletter, Issue 28

June 2017


Dear Friends of the RCC,

We are pleased to announce our 2017–18 cohort of fellowships; forty-four projects were chosen from a record number of applications. We are tremendously excited about having all of these scholars in Munich. 

  1. Together with the European Society for Environmental History, the RCC is pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2017 Turku Book Award, which will be awarded at the biennial conference in Zagreb in late June.  
    1. The RCC has been awarded generous EU funding for an Innovative Training Network. Together with four other European universities, and in collaboration with Green City Munich and the Bavarian Forest National Park, the RCC will collaborate on the project entitled “Building Resourceful and Resilient Communities through Adaptive and Transformative Environmental Practice (RECOMS).”  
      1. New on the Environment & Society Portal: The Portal’s peer-reviewed open-access environmental history e-publication Arcadia has now published 116 essays and is welcoming new submissions. You can find the call here. We are proud to include a new collection on “Diseases and Pests in History,” curated by the RCC’s Pavla Šimková and Carson alumnus Patrick Kupper. Finally, after five years, our affiliated blog Ant Spider Bee will metamorphose into an open-access e-book.  
        1. Publication News: Click here to access the first two issues of RCC Perspectives in 2017. “Troubling Species: Care and Belonging in a Relational World,” edited by the Multispecies Editing Collective and “Visions of Australia: Environments in History,” edited by Christof Mauch, Ruth Morgan, and Emily O’Gorman are both available to download from the Perspectives page on the Portal. While you’re online, check out our new blog series on the Uses of Environmental History, and of course peruse the blog for news and reflections from the RCC community worldwide.  
          1. Environmental Studies Certificate Program (ESCP) Update: Two students from the program won a sustainability award from LMU Munich for a proposed rooftop garden design for a university building. Program highlights this summer include a place-based workshop on the Danube, running from Munich to Bratislava, and the “Ecopolis Munich” exhibition, curated by students from the program, which will take place at LMU's main building in late July. This exhibition displays Munich's environmental histories and futures from multiple disciplinary perspectives.  
            1. News from the Doctoral Program Environment and Society: The doctoral program summer retreat took the form of a workshop on visualization and digital filmmaking, which was enabled by generous funding from the LMU Graduate Center and the RCC. The workshop introduced students to a whole new way of thinking about and presenting their research, and the impressive results were premiered in a lively screening of film shorts for the RCC community in early May. Although the program has a very diverse spread of projects, its members are adept at finding productive synergies. Two members are convening a workshop on communicating climate change (click here for the call), and another three have organized a panel at the annual New Materialisms conference in Paris.  
              1. Society of Fellows (SOF) Update: The Society of Fellows congratulates Sophia Kalantzakos, Melinda Laituri, Fei Sheng, and Louis Warren for receiving this year’s alumni fellowships and to Vidya Sarveswaran on winning the public outreach grant. Last year’s winner, Ruth Oldenziel, had a highly productive fellowship in fall 2016; click here to read about her work.  
                1. News from the Hazardous Travels Project: The Hazardous Travels project is excited to welcome three doctoral students to the team: Maximilian Feichtner (Legacy of Texaco in Indigenuous Amazon Regions), Jonas Stuck (Inter-German Waste Trade) and Ayushi Dhawan (Shipbreaking in India). In addition, Principal Investigator Simone Müller was elected to join Academia.Net—a database of high profile women scientists that is run by the Robert Bosch Foundation and Spektrum der Wissenschaft. In addition, Müller was awarded a fellowship from the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia.  
                  1. Upcoming Events:  
                    08 June: Teresa Sabol Spezio on “How Clean is Clean? Risk Assessment, Environmental Justice, and Environmental Contamination” (Lunchtime Colloquium)
                    22 June: Anna Storm on “Scarred Ground: Industrial Temporalities” (Lunchtime Colloquium)
                    29 June: Irus Braverman on “Coral Whisperers: Scientists on the Brink” (Lunchtime Colloquium)
                    03–04 July: Radical Hope: Inspiring Sustainability Transformations through Our Past (Workshop)                              
                  2. Staff News: Congratulations to Christof Mauch who is the recipient of the Public Outreach Career Award from the American Society for Environmental History for 2017. Helmuth Trischler represented the RCC and the Deutsches Museum at the Munich March for Science in April. 
                    1. Alumni News: Gregg Mitman is one of thirty-five recipients of this year’s Carnegie Fellowship. Azeez Olaniyan has been awarded an individual research grant from the African Peacebuilding Network. Tom Griffiths has won the Ernest Scott Prize for “The Art of Time Travel: Historians and Their Craft.” Julia Blanc, Stefan Dorondel, Carmel Finley, Martin Knoll, Timothy J. LeCain, Uwe Lübken, and Louis Warren have all published new monographs or edited collections.                            

                    As always, to stay up-to-date on the RCC—check out our website, our Facebook page, and blog, or follow us on Twitter.

                    Best wishes,
                    The Rachel Carson Center