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Ernst Langthaler

PD Dr. Ernst Langthaler

Carson Fellow

Ernst Langthaler was a teacher at a secondary school before he studied history at the University of Vienna (MA 1995, PhD 2000, habilitation in Economic and Social History 2010). After years as a freelance researcher he joined the newly founded Institute of Rural History in St. Pölten (researcher 2002–2005, Deputy Director 2005–2011, Director since 2011), where he has been Executive Editor of the journal Jahrbuch für Geschichte des ländlichen Raumes since 2004. He was visiting professor of Economic and Social History at the Universities of Innsbruck (2010) and Vienna (2010–2012), and an Erasmus visiting scholar at the University of Santiago de Compostela (2011). He is co-founder of the European Rural History Organization and has been its secretary since 2010. He has also been a member of the Commission for Interdisciplinary Ecological Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 2013. His research is focused on agricultural, food, and environmental history at regional, national, and global scales from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries.

RCC Research ProjectThe “Miracle Bean” and the Transformations of the Global Food Regime since 1870

Lunchtime Colloquium Video Miracle Bean': Soy and Agro-Food Globalization since 1870

Selected Publications:

  • Amenda, Lars, and Ernst Langthaler, eds. “Kulinarische ‘Heimat’ und ‘Fremde’: Migration und Ernährung im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert.” Jahrbuch für Geschichte des ländlichen Raumes 10 (2013).
  • Landsteiner, Erich, and Ernst Langthaler, eds. Agrosystems and Labour Relations in European Rural Societies (Middle Ages–Twentieth Century). Rural History in Europe 3. Turnhout: Brepols Publishers, 2010.
  • Langthaler, Ernst. “Balancing between Autonomy and Dependence: Family Farming and Agrarian Change in Lower Austria, 1945–1980.” Contemporary Austrian Studies 21 (2012): 385–404.
  • Langthaler, Ernst. “Gemüse oder Ölfrucht? Die Weltkarriere der Sojabohne im 20. Jahrhundert.” In Umkämpftes Essen: Produktion, Handel und Konsum von Lebensmitteln in globalen Kontexten, edited by Ruth Sippel and Cornelia Reiher, 41–66. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2015.
  • Langthaler, Ernst. Schlachtfelder: Alltägliches Wirtschaften in der nationalsozialistischen Agrargesellschaft. Vienna/Cologne/Weimar: Böhlau, 2016.
  • Sieder, Reinhard, and Ernst Langthaler, eds. Globalgeschichte 1800–2010. Vienna/Cologne/Weimar: Böhlau, 2010.