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María Valeria Berros

Prof. Dr. María Valeria Berros

Carson Fellow

María Valeria Berros is a junior professor and researcher at the National University of the Littoral and the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research in Santa Fe City, Argentina. She completed her doctoral degree in law with a focus on the sciology of law at the National University of the Littoral. Her work deals with the intersection between environmental law, sociology of risk, and social sciences studies, and she has participated inresearch projects at Sorbonne University, the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris, Limoges University, and Nantes University. Her current research focuses on law, environmental ethics, and social movements in Latin America. She analyzes the processes by which non-anthropocentric ethics are incorporated into legal structures in different countries in Latin America.

RCC Research Project: Rights of Nature in Latin America: Ethics and Juridical Field in Dialogue

Film Interview with María Valeria Berros

Lunchtime Colloquium Video - The Rights of Nature in Latin America: Ethics and Law in Dialogue

Selected publications:

  • "El estatuto jurídico de la naturaleza en debate (meulen en el mundo del derecho)." Revista de Derecho Ambiental 36 (2013): 133–151.
  • "Observaciones sobre el principio precautorio en Argentina." Revista Catalana de Dret Ambiental 4, no. 2 (2013): 1–24.
  • "Ética animal en diálogo con recientes reformas en la legislación de países latinoamericanos." Revista Bioética y Derecho 33 (2015); 82–93.
  • "Because They Have the Right to Exist: An Introduction to the Ethical Debate on Animal Rights." In Social Dimensions of the Environment, edited by Greenplanet Argentina and UNEP. (forthcoming)