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María Valeria Berros

Prof. Dr. María Valeria Berros

Carson Fellow

María Valeria Berros is a professor and researcher at the National University of the Littoral and the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research in Santa Fe City, Argentina. She completed her doctoral degree in law with a focus on the sociology of law at the National University of the Littoral. Her work deals with the intersection between environmental law, sociology of risk, and social sciences studies, and she has participated in research projects at Sorbonne University, the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) in Paris, Limoges University, and Nantes University. Her current research focuses on environmental law, rights of nature, and biodiversity, focusing on Latin America. She is currently working in different interdisciplinary research projects, in particular in dialogue with humanities and social sciences, on several ecological issues.

RCC Research Project: Rights of Nature in Latin America: Ethics and Juridical Field in Dialogue

Film Interview with María Valeria Berros

Lunchtime Colloquium Video - The Rights of Nature in Latin America: Ethics and Law in Dialogue

Selected publications:

  • "Rights of Nature in the Anthropocene: towards the democratization of environmental law?" In Charting Environmental Law Futures in the Anthropocene, edited by Michelle Lim, 21-32. Singapur: Springer Singapur, 2019.
  • Edited with Tabios Hillebrecht and Anna Leah. "Can Nature Have Rights? Legal and Political Insights." RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society no. 6 (2017).
  • "Socio technical challenges to implementing rights of nature." In Latin American Perspectives. (Forthcoming).
  • With María Carman. "Ser o no ser un simio con derechos." Revista Direito GV 14, no. 3. (2018): 1139-1172.
  • With Rafael Colombo. "Miradas emergentes sobre el estatuto jurídico de los ríos, cuencas y glaciares." Rivista quadrimestrale di diritto dell’ambiente 1 (2017): 31-72.