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Former Visiting Scholars

Surname, First name Project Residency Period
Arias, Santa Nature at the Spanish Frontier: Abbad y Lasierra’s Rethinking of San Juan de Puerto Rico’s Development (1765-88) 2015
Arias-Maldonado, Manuel Real Green: Sustainability after the End of Nature 2011
Ashcroft, Catherine Negotiated Approaches to Managing Conflict 2014
Barber, Daniel Climatic Effects: Architecture, Media, and the Globalization of the International Style 2016
Bartenstein, Kristin Legal Frameworks Concerning Cooperative Protection of the Arctic 2014
Bell, Douglas Occupying Nature: Germans, Americans, and the Environment, 1945 - 1949 2015/2016
Benson, Etienne A History of 'the Environment' 2014
Berros, María Valeria Rights of Nature in Latin America: Ethics and Juridical Field in Dialogue 2016
Blevins, Cameron The Postal West: A New Spatial History 2017/2018
Cox, Peter Developing Cross-Disciplinary Research into Bicycling and the Environment 2014/2015
Denning, Andrew A Cultural and Environmental History of Skiing in the Alps 2009/2010
Eglinger, Hanna Magic, Ecstatic, Nomadic: Arctic Primitivism in Scandinavia around 1900 2016
Evans, Reed Women Entrepreneurs in Sustainability 2014/2015
Gallini, Stefania Dona Juana's Ancestors: A History of Waste and Bogotá (Colombia), Late 19th to Late 20th Century 2011
Gilbert, Helen Transnational Perspectives on Contemporary Indigenous Performance 2016, 2017
Gißibl, Bernhard The Nature of German Imperialism: Conservation and the Politics of Wildlife in Colonial East Africa 2013/ 2015
Graham, Nicole Exploring the Relationship between Law and Anthropogenic Landscape Change: The Cases of CSG Mining and Water Allocation 2015
Gray, Richard Modern German Literature; Intellectual History; Economics; Environmentalism; Narrative 2013
Han, Zhaoqing The Digitalization and Study of Huang yu quan lan tu 2016
Iovino, Serenella Landscapes of Risk and Narratives of Liberation: Material Ecocriticism 2015
Ismar, Julia How Does Water Flow Into Politics? Contested Resource Use in The Emergent State of South Sudan 2011/2012
Jones, Emily Disaster Narratives and Climate Change 2016
Kang, Eun Sook A Comparative Analysis of the Nuclear Power Policy between Korea and Germany from the Perspective of Behavioral Economics 2016
Keogh, Luke The Storied Landscape: A Queensland Collection 2016/2017
Knowles, Scott Disaster Research and Policy in Contemporary Germany 2016
Kreutz, Angela Munu Gukooreree: The Experience of Space and Place Amongst Children in an Aboriginal Community 2013/2014
Lahnstein, Christian Environmental Liability, Concepts, and Cases 2015
Landry, Marc Europe’s 'White Coal:' The Hydro-Electrification of the European Alps, 1880-1955 2010/2011
Lopes, Alfredo Ricardo Silva Disasters and Memory in Santa Cantarina, Brazil 2013/2014
Lummaa, Karoliina The Poetics of the Anthropocene 2017
MacEachern, Alan The Miramichi Fire // Tracking Climate & Its Transformation: Phenology in Canada 2011
Magnus, Riin An Analysis of Guide Dog/Build Person Interaction and Estonian Islands: Historical Movement Patterns and Environmental Impact 2011/2012
Malkmus, Bernhard Visiting Research Fellow September-December 2017
Mauch, Felix 'Erinnerungsfluten:' The Storm Flood of 1962 in Hamburg’s Civic Memory 2014/2015
Mazanik, Anna Sanitation, Urban Environment and the Politics of Public Health in Late Imperial Moscow 2013/2014
McCandless, Susannah Global Environments Summer Academy 2011
Milder, Steve West German Anti-Nuclear Activism during the 1970s 2009/2010; 2017
Morgan, Ruth Australindia: An Environmental History of Australia in the Indian Ocean World, 1788–1901 2017
O'Gorman, Emily Remaking Wetlands: Cultural Histories of Environmental Change in the MurrayDarling Basin, c. 1800s-2000s 2015
Oldenziel, Ruth Cycling Cities: The European Experience 2015
Ospina, Guillermo Andres Conservation, Livelihoods, and Conflicts in Colombian Highlands 2014
Peabody, Seth Environmental Fantasies: Mountains, Cities, and Heimat in German Cinema 2013/2014
Peterson, Maya Technologies of Rule: Empire, Water and the Modernization of Central Asia, 1867-1941 2014
Phelan, Liam Challenging Perverse Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems 2017
Polonia, Amélia Environmental Impacts of the Colonial Dynamics: A Comparative Approach in Colonial America(s), 1500-1700 2016
Potter, Rebecca The Cassandra Effect 2014
Puri, Rajindra Global Environments Summer Academy 2011
Reed, Patrick Apocalyptic Themes of Natural Disaster in 16th and 21st Century Woodcut Prints 2014/2016
Robin, Libby Fear of Ferals 2017
Rosenbaum, Adam In the Shadow of the Present: Bavarian Tourism and Grounded Modernity, 1800–1950 2014
Santangelo, Byron A Crisis of Liberty: Climate Change and Traumatic Displacement in Teju Cole’s Open City 2017
Schmitt, Susanne Decorative Ecologies: Multispecies Creativity in Underwater 2014/2015
Schneider, Birgit An Interdisciplinary Scheme for Assessing Transformation in Public Climate Visualization Projects 2014
Schösler, Hanna Food Sustainability: Socio-Cultural Perspectives 2012/2013
Schreiber, Dorothee Ethno-biology in British Columbia; Scientific Forestry and the Management of Indigenous Reserve Lands; Ethnography of Polar Bear Population Biology 2011/2012
Schüring, Michael West German Protestants and Nuclear Technology, 1970-1990 2011/2012
Seow, Minju Political Deliberation in Online Communities in South Korea 2015
Sheng, Fei Environmental Knowledge, Resource Exploitation, Eco-Imperialism 2017
Squarcia, Catia The Role of Human Sciences in Sustainable Development Research 2014
Stein, Seth Plate Tectonics, Earthquake Seismology, Earthquake Hazards, and Space Geodesy 2014
St. John, Rachel The Imagined States of America: The Unmanifest History of Nineteenthcentury North America 2016
Temple, Samuel Regulating Nature: State-making and Environmental Risk in Modern France 2012
Trujillo, Octaviana Global Environments Summer Academy 2011
Urtnast, Erdenetuya Environmental Conservation among the Residents of Eastern Mongolia 2016
van Ausdal, Shawn The Logic of Livestock: Ranching Landscapes in Northern Colombia, 1850-1972 2012
van Dooren, Thom Encountering Crows: World-making with Scientists and Hunters 2015/016
Villanueva-Romero, Diana The New Alliance: Environmental Humanities 2017
Wang, Zhen Cultural Landscape Conservation and Sustainable Development in Minority Area, Southwest China 2016/2017
Warren, Louis A Hole in the Dream: The 1890 Ghost Dance and the Making of Modern America 2016
Watson, Andrew London’s Ghost Acres, 1850-1919 2015
Wiggin, Bethany Globalism, Translation, Bilingualism, and Gender Theory in Early Modern and Contemporary History 2015
Wormbs, Nina An Environing Technology: Satellites and the Perception of the Earth 2018
Zuber, Devin Transforming Wilderness: Painting the Case of Hetch Hetchy 2016