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How much does accommodation cost in Munich?

Munich is Germany’s most expensive city for leasing an apartment. You can expect to pay around eighteen euros per square meter (or even more), whereas in small towns or suburbs, prices decrease to around twelve to fourteen euros per square meter. With the exception of the administrative districts (Landkreise) of Munich and Starnberg, rent prices are comparatively low in all neighboring districts. The most expensive city districts for property rental are currently the city center, Ludwigvorstadt-Isarvorstadt, Maxvorstadt, and Schwabing.

Standard rent prices usually refer to the so-called Kaltmiete, the base rent which does not include utilities such as the cost of electricity, water, heating, and waste disposal. These must be paid separately. For furnished rooms, these extra costs are usually included in the so-called Warmmiete. When reading descriptions, check for these words, or just kalt or warm, “KM” or “WM.” Make sure to ask about additional utility costs called Nebenkosten when inquiring about an apartment.

The RCC maintains a list of furnished apartments near the Center and aims to pass these apartments from one fellow to another. You can expect to pay the following for a centrally located, furnished apartment:

  • Studio—ca. 1,250 euros per month
  • 1 Bedroom—ca. 1,600 euros per month
  • 2 Bedroom—ca. 2,000 euros per month

If you are willing to live a bit farther away from the RCC and use Munich's excellent public transportation system, you will find much more reasonably priced accommodation.