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Bicycle Programs

Many Munich residents find that bicycles are an invaluable form of transportation. Bike lanes along main boulevards and parks, observant drivers and pedestrians, and the flat cityscape make cycling an efficient and fun way of getting around the city. For a small fee (ca. €2), you can take your bicycle on the long-distance train for a weekend excursion into the countryside.

If you want to explore Munich by bike, there are several options to get around without bringing your own bike from home.

RCC Bike Share
The RCC currently has more than ten communal bicycles available for hourly and daily use. The bicycles are parked in front of the RCC.

The bike checkout is self-service. The bicycle logs and lock keys are located in the mailroom. To check out a bike, please enter your name and the date and time you checked it out. Please return the key to the log and enter the time of return before the end of the day. You can access the logs and keys 24 hours a day with your key to the RCC. To reiterate, this bike is for hourly and daily use only. We hope to add more bikes to the RCC Bike Share, and perhaps include longer-term use, as departing fellows donate their old bikes to the program.

Please review the Bike Program's terms and conditions before taking out a bike.

There are several short-term and long-term solutions and great alternatives to the RCC bike share program. You can either rent a bike at various shops, use the public short-term bike programs of Deutsche Bahn or the MVG Rad, or you can buy a second-hand bike. More information can be found here.

We ask for a donation of 20 euros or more to participate in the bike program. If you use a bike occasionally, please consider donating a few euros. We need your donations for bike tune-ups and repairs, to keep our fleet safe and lawful for all riders. (The city of Munich is strict about bikes having proper brakes and lights.) A cashbox for your donations is located next to the bike checkout notebook. Thank you!


Thank you to the following donors for their generous contributions:

Ruth Oldenziel 
Cindy Ott 
Bron Taylor 

Funds for Repair and Upkeep
Serenella Iovino
Katherine Morrissey
Ruth Oldenziel
Karen Oslund
Helen Rozwadowski
Paul Sutter
Tony Weis