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Tuesday Discussion with Eyad Houssami (Bassatin Baanoub)

17.10.2023 16:30  – 17:45 

Location: Rachel Carson Center, fourth floor, Conference Room, Leopoldstr. 11a, 80802 Munich, Germany

This Tuesday, Eyad Houssami, a postgraduate researcher from Leeds, will introduce the idea behind the unique farm Bassatin Baanoub, an ancient organic farm in southern Lebanon, at which he has done a five-year apprenticeship. The owners, an architect and a producer of commercials, gradually transformed the abandoned land, with its occasional 2000-year-old olive trees, into a lush farm. Besides growing fruit and vegetables, they are keeping bees, goats, and sheep. They are also working towards increased biodiversity and towards a touristic infrastructure based around a river.

The Tuesday Discussions are free and open to the public.

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