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Francis Nwosu

Francis Nwosu, MA

Doctoral candidate


Chijioke Francis Nwosu received his bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and theology from Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome. His project centred on the human person and natural autonomy, as theorized by German philosopher Immanuel Kant. This laid the foundation for his MA thesis—a practical inquiry into the human person’s sociological, ecological, and economic situations in Nigeria, using the environmental degradation of the Niger delta area as a case study. He obtained his MA from the University of Vienna, Austria, in 2015. His passion for inquiry led to his doctoral research in the area of sustainability, human ecology, and the maximization of capabilities in “Mmadu” (the human person), which proposes a practical approach to salvaging the drifting polity in Nigeria. The field of study will be limited to ecological sustainability and regeneration, as well as social health care evolution.

He joined the Doctoral Program Environment and Society at the Rachel Carson Center in October 2016 and is a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Catholic Theology, Department of Social Ethics at LMU Munich.

Dissertation Project: Removing the “Structures of Sin” in Nigerian Polity: A Practical Inroad (Approach) to Sustainable Development and Authentic Capability Expansion in “Mma-Ndu” (Mmadu).