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Amanda Norrlander

Amanda Norrlander



Rachel Carson Center
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Amanda Norrlander studied political sciences, economics, development studies, and sustainable development at Uppsala University and the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) in Sweden, and at Université de Montréal in Canada. She received her BSc in political sciences in January 2014 and her MSc in sustainable development in June 2017—both degrees are from Uppsala University. During her studies, Amanda also volunteered for Greenpeace, was a speaker and panelist on the topics “Inspirations for Action: A Grassroots Perspective” and “Climate Change Leadership” at Uppsala University, and was the project manager for the Uppsala Climate March in November 2015 with 850 people attending (as a build-up to COP21 in Paris). Over the course of her master’s studies, she has focused strongly on climate activism, climate change leadership, behavioral change for a sustainable future, and education for sustainable development (ESD). Amanda’s great interest in ESD brought her in 2016 to Cape Town, South Africa, where she pursued an internship with the environmental non-profit organization Earthchild Project (ECP). ECP offers complimentary education to under-resourced schools with a focus on the environment, health, and self-development. Amanda conducted her master’s thesis with the same organization and successfully executed an exploratory evaluation of the project under the name “Agents of Change or Not? A Case Study of Earthchild Project in South Africa.”