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Society of Fellows Members

Surname, First name Project Residency Period
Agbonifo, John Environmental Movements and Sustainable Environmental Governance in Nigeria 2013
Arndt, Melanie Politics and Society after Chernobyl 2012
Arnold, Ellen Cultural and Religious Views of Rivers in the Middle Ages 2013
Bao, Maohong Transformations of the Land in Chinese Environmental History 2014
Barry, John Beyond Economic Growth: The Political, Ethical and Cultural Dimensions of a Post-Growth of Green Economy 2015
Bell, Stephen Leo Waibel and the Transformation of Land Use in Brazil 2011
Bergmann, Sigurd Sacred Geography: Religion in the Lived Space of Climatic Change 2011/2012
Berros, María Valeria Rights of Nature in Latin America: Ethics and Juridical Field in Dialogue 2015
Berson, Josh The Station Diet: An Anthropocene Parable 2012/2013
Beudel, Saskia Science as Culture: Transgressing Disciplinary Boundaries 1850–2050 2016
Blavascunas, Eunice Black Stork White Stork: Uses of the Past in Poland's Bialowieza Forest 2013/2014
Boetzkes, Amanda Contemporary Art and the Drive to Waste: Locating Aesthetic Transformations in their Relationship to the Oil Economy and Global Warming 2016/2017
Booker, Matthew Why 20th-century Americans Lost Their Faith in Local Food 2014
Boomgaard, Peter The Transformation of Landscapes, Humans and Animals: A Systems Approach 2012/2013
Brady, Lisa Capitalist Pigs: International Aid Agencies and Agricultural Development in South Korea, 1945-1961 2017
Brara, Rita Adjudicating Resource Use and Conservation in India: The National Green Tribunal, India 2015
Brock, Emily Another Green World: Tropical Ecology and American Jungle in Philippines 2014
Brüggemeier, Franz-Josef Geschichte der Umwelt, 1750 bis 2010. Deutschland in internationaler Perspektive 2012/2013
Brunnegger, Sandra Knowledge Practices: Environment, Mobilization and the Law 2012
Bsumek, Erika The Concrete West: Engineering Society, Culture and Environments in the Arid West, 1900-1980 2015
Cameron, Sarah The Hungry Steppe: Famine, Mass Violence and the Making of Soviet Kazakhstan 2012
Cameron, Fiona Liquid Governmentalities and the Climate Crisis 2011/2012
Cao, Mu The Water Supply and Drainage System of Tianjin, 1860-2000 2016/2017
Carlson, Jennifer Unruly Energies: Citizenship Beyond Ecocapital in Germany's Energy Transition 2017
Carrigan, Anthony Representing Postcolonial Disaster: Conflict, Consumption, Reconstruction 2012
Carruthers, Jane Honorary Carson Fellow 2014
Certomà, Chiara Living Space: Post-Environmentalist Politics in Local Places 2012
Chu, Pey-Yi Permafrost Country: Science and Environment in Eastern Siberia, 1830s- 1950s 2016
Clifford, Jim London Industry, Ghost Acres and Ecological Imperialism 2.0, 1800-1919: An Advanced Digital History Approach 2015
Conte, Christopher Landscape and Cosmopolitanism on Pemba Island, Tanzania' 2015
Crimmel, Hal Drink: The Nature of Beverages and the Transformation of Landscapes. 2015
Culver, Lawrence Manifest Disaster: Climate and the Making of America 2013
Cushman, Gregory The Anthropocene and the Age of Revolution: A People’s History of the Earth Under Human Domination 2015
de Freitas, Joana Gaspar Against the Sand and the Sea: Dune Intervention in Coastal Defense Strategies 2015
Delina, Laurence Stewarding the Earth: Transformative Strategies for the Climate Action Movement 2017
De Rita, Donatella The Role of Geology in Urban Site and Development: The Case of Rome and Naples Cities 2012
Dey, Arnab Unkempt Edens: Human Designs, Ecological Indeterminacy and the Unruly in Eastern India, 1840-1940 2016
Dorondel, Stefan Transforming the Socialist Landscape: New Rural Elites, Property Rights and Land Use Changes in Post-Socialist Romania 2010
Dudley, Marianna Greening the MOD: An Environmental History of the UK Defence Estate, 1945 - to Present 2011/2012
Eggleston, Carrick Cultures of Energy: Societal Transformations in the Service of Sustainable Systems 2016
Egner, Heike Space, Place and Knowledge: Natural Disasters and Cultures of Risk in Modern Societies 2010
Elie, Marc Great Steppe, Disastrous Steppe: Scientists and Natural Calamities in Twentieth-Century Russia 2011
Ertsen, Maurits The difference of a whole heaven: Colonial and post-colonial irrigation development in Africa 2013
Evtuhov, Catherine New Directions in Russian Environmental History 2017
Finley, Carmel The Ear Bones of Redfish: Science, Politics, Climate Change and Old Fish 2012
FitzGerald, Lisa Re-Place: Environment, Ecology, and Representations of the Natural Landscape in Irish Theatre 2016/2017
Forêt, Philippe Unwelcome News from the Field: Transformations in the Environment and Societies of Ancient Asia 2017
Gallini, Stefania Dona Juana's Ancestors: A History of Waste and Bogotá (Colombia), Late 19th to late 20th century 2010
Gao, Yan Transforming the Water Regime: State, Society, and Ecology of the Jianghan Plain in Late Imperial and Modern China 2016
Garcia Acosta, Virginia Remaking Wetlands: Cultural Histories of Environmental Change in the MurrayDarling Basin, c. 1800s-2000s 2015
Gaynor, Andrea Australia’s Southern Mallee Lands and the Control of Nature 2015
Ginn, Franklin Progress, Ruin and Salvage: Anthropocene Landscapes in the Firth of Forth 2016
Gioielli, Robert Hard Asphalt and Heavy Metals: An Environmental History of the Urban Crisis 2011
Gißibl, Bernhard The Nature of German Imperialism: Conservation and the Politics of Wildlife in Colonial East Africa 2013
Glassheim, Eagle Cleansing Czechoslovakia's Borderlands, 1945-1989 2012
Goodbody, Axel Climate Scepticism: Cultures and Subjectivities 2015
Graf von Hardenberg, Wilko The Alps as a Contested Environment: Germany, Austria and Italy, 1860-1960 2010/2011
Gregg, Sara Free Land: A History of Homesteading in America 2017
Griffiths, Tom The Lore of the Land: Australian Natural Histories 2016
Hay, Amy The Defoliation of America: Agent Orange Herbicides and the American Public 2012
Heidbrink, Ingo Risikoakzeptanz im Bereich industrieller Entwicklungsprozesse vor dem Hintergrund extremer Exposition gegenüber natürlichen Prozessen/Naturkatastrophen 2011
Hennessy, Elizabeth On the Backs of Tortoises: The Past and Future of Evolution in the Galapagos Islands 2017
Heymann, Matthias Environmental Coherence: Investigating Relationships of Technology and Natural Disaster 2014
Holm, Poul Deep Harvests: An Environmental History of World Fisheries 2013
Hou, Shen Old Land, New Nature: The Journey of the Ideas and Practices of Nature Conservation from the United States to China 2013
Hulme, Mike Being Human in Times of Climate Change 2014
Isenberg, Andrew Indians, Smallpox, and Vaccination in the Antebellum American West 2012
Jakobsson, Eva Lake Vänern: Exploring the History of Europe's Third Largest Lake 2013
Jeon, Chihyung A Dredged Nation: The Four Rivers Restoration Project and the Envirotechnical Transformation of South Korea 2016
Johnson, Sherry Climate, Colonialism, Crisis, and Change in the Carribean in the Age of the Revolution, 1748-1804 2010
Jones, Elizabeth The Settlement Imagination: German Internal Colonization and Empire, 1850-1930 2010/2011
Jones, Ryan Red Spouts: A Global Environmental History of Soviet Whaling 2017
Josephson, Paul The Conquest of the Arctic During Soviet Power, 1930-90 2011
Kalantzakos, Sophia New Partnerships for the Anthropocene 2015
Karskens, Grace Dreams and Destruction: An Environmental History of the Penrith Lakes Scheme and Castlereagh, New South Wales 2012
Kavalski, Emilian Natural Disasters and Security Governance 2010/2011
Kehrt, Christian Polar Research in the Cold War in spatial and environmental perspective 2009/2010
Kelly, Matthew Quartz and Feldspar: A History of Dartmoor 2012/2013
Kelsey, Elin Circumnavigating Hope: A Journey to Find and Share Successful Environmental Outcomes 2013/2014
Keogh, Luke The Storied Landscape: A Queensland Collection 2012/2013
Kiss, Andrea Causes and Consequences of Major 18th Century Danube Floods at Pest-Buda 2012
Knoll, Martin Topographies of Nature - Nature of Topographies. Settlements, Territories, and Environment in Early Modern Historical-topographical Literature 2009/2010
Krebs, Angelika And What Was There Accepted Us – Landscape, 'Stimmung', and 'Heimat' 2014
Krishnan, Siddhartha An Historical Sociology of Colonial and Post-colonial Transformation of Montane Grasslands and Pastoral Lives of Todas, 1940-2011 2012
Kupper, Patrick Creating Wilderness: A Transnational History of the Swiss National Park 2010
Kwashirai, Vimbai Transformations in Environment and Society in Makonde District, Zimbabwe: 2000-2015 2016
Laituri, Melinda Integrated Environmental History of Watersheds: the Danube and Colorado River Basin 2011
Lajus, Julia New Directions in Russian Environmental History 2017
Lal Dawar, Jagdish History of Water in North-East India with special focus 2011
Langthaler, Ernst The ‘Miracle Bean’ and the Transformations of the Global Food Regime, 1870s–2010s 2016
Leal, Claudia Landscapes of Freedom: The Pacific Lowlands of Colombia, 1850-1930 2012
LeCain, Timothy The Cow and the Silk Worm: Environment, Technology, and Culture in High Modernist Japanese and American Copper Mining 2011/2012
Leinfelder, Reinhold Technology, Nature and Culture in the Anthropocene - Learning from the Future 2012; 2014
Lekan, Thomas Saving the Serengeti: Tourism, the Cold War, and the Paradox of German Nature Conservation in Postcolonial Africa, 1950- 1985 2013
Lewis, Dan An Environmental History of Extinction and Survival Among the Hawaiian Avifauna, 1850 to the Present 2015
Locke, Piers Servants of Ganesh: Humans, Elephants, and Landscapes in Nepal 2014/2015
Lousley, Cheryl Public Memory, Popular Culture, and the 1984-85 Ethiopian Famine 2010
Love, Bridget Places at their Limits: The Problem of Sustainability in Rural Japan 2012
Lowe, Celia Viral Clouds: Avian Influenza, Biosecurity, and Environmental Flourishing in Indonesia 2015
Ludlow, Francis Climate as Catalyst in 1,224 Years of Violence and Conflict in Ireland, AD425 - 1649 2013/2014
MacEachern, Alan The Miramichi Fire // Tracking Climate & Its Transformation: Phenology in Canada 2016
MacGregor, Sherilyn Heat and Light: Interdisciplinary Feminist Contributions to Environmental Ethics, Politics and Movements 2014
Malkmus, Bernhard The Scandal of Nature Literature and the Environment 2015/2016
Mart, Michelle Pesticides: A Love Story 2014
Martin, Gary Adaptation of Local Knowledge Societies and Systems to Global Change 2010; 2011; 2012
Mathieu, Jon Geschichte der Alpen im Überblick 2013
Matsui, Kenichi The Ethical and Legal Implications of Traditional Knowledge Studies: A Search for a New Direction in Applied Environmental Ethics 2013
Matteson, Kieko Masters of Their Woods: Conservation, Community, and Conflict in Revolutionary France, 1669-1848 2013
Mauelshagen, Franz The Climatological Revolution of the Eighteenth Century 2014
Mavhunga, Clapperton Incoming Technology and African Innovation 2011
McAfee, Kathleen Green Economy and its Others: Scarcity, Rights and Abundance 2014
McCorristine, Shane Supernatural and Disembodied Experience in Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Arctic Exploration 2010
McCrea, Heather Gulf of Disease: Environment, Medicine, and State-Building in Cuba, Mexico and Panama, 1880-1940 2014
McNeill, John New Perspectives in World Environmental History 2011
Mei, Xueqin The Impacts on Society and Environment of Industrial Revolution in China: Focusing on the Chinese-British Coal Mining Co. Of Mentougou in the Republic of China 2014
Meyer, John M. Environmentalism as Social Criticism: Engaging Material Practices in the Pursuit of Sustainability 2012/2013
Meyer, Jan-Henrik When Europe Went Green: Transnational Networks and the Origins of European Environmental Policy since the 1970s 2013
Milne, Anne Enclosures: Liquid Landscapes, Canonicity, and the British Eighteenth-Century Labouring Class Poet 2011
Mincyte, Diana The Pasteurization of Lithuania: The Politics of Subsistence and Sustainability in Post-Industrial Europe 2011
Misbahuzzaman, Khaled Traditional Environmental Knowledge Systems of the Ethnic Communities of Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh 2014
Mitman, Gregg Forgotten Paths of Empire: A History of Liberia from Firestone to Ebola 2013/2014; 2016/2017
Mom, Gijs Space, Sound, Smog and the Senses: Environmental Mobility History in the Making 2009/2010
Monani, Salma Indigenous Eco-Visions: The Ecological Sensibilities Of Fourth Cinema 2015/2016
Moon, David New Directions in Russian Environmental History 2017
Moraglio, Massimo Social Movement in the Car Century: Tramway Revival and the Hope for a New Urban Environment, 1980-2010 2014
Morgan, Ruth Australindia: An Environmental History of Australia in the Indian Ocean World, 1788-1914 2015
Muir, Cameron Broken Country: Living in the Aftermath of Ecological Imperialism 2013/2014
Müller, Simone Contamination Guaranteed: America’s Hazardous Waste in Global Perspective, 1960s-1990s 2015
Murayama, Satoshi Industrious Revolution and Disaster Management in Japan 2013
Myllyntaus, Timo Famines in the West, Empires in the East: Responses of the British and Russian Government to Great Harvest Failures in the 19th Century Ireland and Finland 2012
Nelson, Anitra Small is Necessary: Shared Living on a Shared Planet 2016/2017
O'Gorman, Emily Remaking Wetlands: Cultural Histories of environmental Change in the Murray-Darling Basin, c. 1800s-2000s 2014/2015
Olaniyan, Azeez Forest Reserves as Security Threats in Nigeria 2017
Oldenziel, Ruth Century of Cycling: Paths towards Sustainability 2016
Onyige, Daisy Gender and Climate Change: A Study of Rural Farming Households' Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change Based on Local Knowledge in the Niger Delta Region 2013/2014
Oslund, Karen Survival and Adaptation in Arctic Environments: Modern and Traditional Whaling in the Arctic, 1850-1 2012/2013
Ott, Cindy Explorations of Environmental Protection from Urban Neighborhoods to American Indian Reservations 2015/2016
Pádua, José Augusto A Tale of Two Forests: Comparing the Historical Patterns of Deforestation and Conservation in the Brazilian Atlantic and Amazon Forests - 1930-2012 2014
Parrinello, Giacomo Urbanization and Disasters: The Messina Earthquake (1908) and the Belice Valley Earthquake (1968) 2012/2013
Pastore, Christopher From Sweetwater to Seawater: An Environmental History of Narragansett Bay, 1636-1849 2012/2013
Peterson, Maya Technologies of Rule: Empire, Water and the Modernization of Central Asia, 1867-1941 2013
Pettibone, Lisa The Role of Ideational Change in Sustainability Transitions 2016/2017
Philippon, Daniel Ideal Meals: Ecology, Morality, and Pleasure in the Sustainable Food Movement 2011/2012
Pimbert, Michel Environmental Ethics, Politics, and Movements/Environmental Knowledge and Knowledge Societies 2012/2013
Plath, Ulrike Baltic Food Cultures: Bodies and Environment (17th-19th century) 2014/2015
Praet, Istvan (Provisional) Cultural Perspectives of Natural Catastrophes. Amerindian Perspectives 2011
Price, Jenny Stop Saving the Planet, Already!: Nature, History, and the Future of American Environmentalism 2013
Princen, Thomas Distant Horizons: An Ethic of the Long Term // Urgent Transition: Reconnection in a Biophysically Constrained, Ethically Challenged World 2014
Rácz, Lajos The transformation of the landscape in Hungary from the age of the Turkish wars until the age of modernization: 16th-19th centuries 2011
Reith, Reinhold Umweltgeschichte der frühen Neuzeit/Environmental History of PreModern Times 2009/2010
Rice, James Native America: An Environmental History 2012
Ritvo, Harriet At the Edge of the Wild 2014
Russell, Edmund P. Neurohistory: A New Field for Historians? 2012
Sandlos, John In the Shadow of the Mines: Mineral Development and Native Communities in Northern Canada 2012/2013
Sarveswaran, Vidya Where the Bougainvillea Blooms: Stories of Place from a Resilient Landscape 2016
Satsuka, Shiho Towards New Form of Environmental Ethics: Satoyama Landscape Revitalization 2012
Sayre, Laura A Short History of Organic Farming: From Reaction to Innovation 2014/2015
Schiller, Greta Earth Repair (Documentary Film) 2015/2016
Schmid, Martin An Environmental History of the Danube 1500-1900 2011
Sedrez, Lise National Waters, Public Space: State and Environment in Guanabara Bay, Brazil, 1905-2005 2015/2016
Seow, Victor Carbon Technocracy: East Asia Energy Regimes and the Industrial Modern, 1900- 1957 2015
Seymour, Nicole Ironic Environmentalism: Reshaping Affect, Ethics, and Ecology in Contemporary American Culture 2013/2014
Sheng, Fei Chinese Migration and Environmental Exchange during the Pacific Rim Gold Rushes (1848-1888) 2013
Sideris, Lisa Modern Science and the Varieties of Evolutionary Enchantment 2010
Singh, Vipul Embankments as Flood Control in the Ganges Basin: Land-Use Change and Social Disparity (1811-1947) 2015
Spezio, Teresa How Clean is Clean? Changing Ideas of Environmental Pollution in US Environmental Policy 2017
Strauss, Sarah Cultures of Energy: Societal Transformations in the Service of Sustainable Systems 2016
Suryanarayanan, Sainath The Socio-historical Dimensions of Collapsing Beehives 2014
Sutter, Paul Pulling the Teeth of the Tropics: Environment, Disease, Race, and the U.S. Sanitary Program in Panama, 1904-1914 2016
Taylor, Vanessa Energy Environments and Consumer Agency in the Ttwentieth Century 2017
Taylor, Bron Radical Environmentalism: From an Ethnographic and Historical Study to an Assessment of its Political, Ecological, and Moral Claims 2012; 2017
Thompson, Allen The Ethics of Novel Ecosystems 2016
Tiffin, Helen Saving Indigenous Flora and Fauna in the Anthropocene 2016
Tropp, Jacob Native American Administration and the Making of International Development Expertise, 1935-1960 2010
Ureta, Sebastián Waste Assemblages: The Multiple Lives of Tailings in Contemporary Chile 2015/2016
Urtnast, Erdenetuya Folk Knowledge and Experiences for Environmental conservations of the Mongols 2012/2013
Vasile, Monica Associative Environmentality: The Revival of Forest Commons in the Romanian Carpathians 2016/2017
Warren, Louis A Hole in the Dream: Ghost Dance and the Making of Modern America 2014
Webb, Jim The Guts of the Matter: A Global Environmental History of Sanitation, Intestinal Disease, and Public Health 2016/2017
Wehner, Kirsten The Ecological Museum: Re-imagining Collections and Exhibitions in the Anthropocene 2015/2016
Weik von Mossner, Alexa Imagining Ecological Futures: Science, Risk, and Citizenship in Contemporary Narratives of Global Environmental Change 2010/2011
Werrett, Simon Remaking Natural Knowledge: Recycling and the History of Science and Technology 2011
Wilczek, Markus The Future of Sustainability: Literature, Time, and the Environment 2014
Wilke, Sabine Re-Thinking Landscape Through the German Aesthetic. Tradition: Extreme Shapes and Transformations 2012/2013
Wilson, Robert Forging the Climate Movement 2016
Worster, Donald Americans in a World of Limits: Abundance, Scarcity, and the Limits of Growth 2013
Xia, Mingfang Natural Disasters, Environmental Changes and Rural Market Development in North China since Ming Dynasty 2014
Zarrilli, Adrián Deforestation and Environmental Crisis in Modern Argentina
Zelko, Frank Holism, Nature and the Enchantments of Modernity 2012/2013
Zeller, Thomas Creating a Safer Environment? Death, Injuries, and Automobility in the United States and Germany, 1920-2000 2012/2013
Zilberstein, Anya A Temperate Empire: Climate Change and Settler Colonialism in the Eighteenth Century 2012