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James Schwoch

Prof. Dr. James Schwoch

Carson Fellow

James Schwoch is a professor at Northwestern University, with appointments in the Department of Communication Studies; the PhD Program in Media, Technology, and Society; the PhD Program in Technology and Social Behavior; and the PhD Program in Science and Human Culture. He is also a faculty affiliate with Northwestern’s Buffett Institute for Global Studies, and the Institute for Sustainability and Energy. His areas of research and teaching include global media, media history, international studies, global security, and media-communication-environment. His forthcoming new book, Wired into Nature: The Telegraph and the North American Frontier (University of Illinois Press) brings together media history and environmental studies to narrate the story of the telegraph and North America west of the Mississippi River during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

RCC Research Project: Development of an International, Transdisciplinary Journal of Media + Environment

Adrian Ivakhiv, James Schwoch, Hunter Vaughan, and Janet Walker are a four-person team collaborating on the development of Media+Environment, a refereed, open-source, multidisciplinary journal of ecomedia research. The journal promotes the publication of work exploring and analyzing the myriad ways that media and environments influence, shape, and inhabit one another. The journal is committed to deepening our understanding of media’s implications in environmental resource extraction and degradation, analyzing mediated representations of environments and climates in stasis and in flux, and exploring the possibilities media hold for new ways of knowledge and sustainable alternatives. The journal promotes and helps shape a growing dialogue among the emergent global and interdisciplinary communities of researchers and acts as a catalyst for decision making and action: a bridge between theory and practice that links scholars to activists and policymakers.